End-Of-Life Doula Services | On Bright Wings

End-of-Life Doula Services

On Bright Wings provides innovative, creative, and sacred services for end-of-life guidance, education, and support. We will work with you in your home or care facility, or you can schedule a consultation by phone - (818) 667-1641.

Below is a list of some of the many ways we can be of service and support at the end of life. During the intake process, we will help you choose from the following list to develop a unique plan of care that is specialized to your needs.

Bedside companionship and support, including

  • Spiritual support
  • Socialization
  • Therapeutic music
  • Recreational and physical activities
  • Caregiver respite
  • Aromatherapy
  • Dementia support

Death counseling and preparation, including

  • Estate planning guidance and referral
  • Home Funeral planning
  • Advance Directives
  • Death planning

Grief support

Aging, dementia, and end of life affects everyone. On Bright Wings offers support and guidance for family, caregivers, and loved ones through educational sessions, grief and emotional support, and creative therapy methods to promote peace and comfort while preparing for life’s last great rite of passage.

Guidance, referral, and liaison to other professional services

Communicating with doctors, hospice team, lawyers, and other professionals on your team can add extra stress and anxiety to capacities that may be already overwhelmed. On Bright Wings relieves the pressure by acting as your liaison to communicate your wishes and get answers to your questions.

Legacy projects

Embark on a journey of life review and reminiscence. Photo collages, memoirs, life review, and art projects are just a few of the ways one can be remembered. On Bright Wings guides your loved one to an expression of self that will be treasured for generations to come.

Sitting vigil

If requested, a trained End-of-Life Doula from On Bright Wings will sit with the one who is dying to bring comfort and to ensure that they do not die alone.

After-death care of the body

There is healing power in the rituals of after-death care. From cleaning and preparing the body prior to removal, to creating a sacred ceremony to honor the deceased, On Bright Wings provides expert guidance throughout to help the grieving process, begin healing, and provide a beautiful memory to comfort you after your loved one is gone.

Home funeral guidance

From sitting vigil to the deeply personal home funeral, On Bright Wings will guide you to a sacred and communal experience that nourishes the soul as it honors the life and death of your loved one. Home funerals are an affordable alternative to the often expensive and impersonal offerings of traditional services.