DEATH MIDWIFERY Services for Aging and End-of-Life Guidance, Education, and Support​

Aging and end-of-life guidance and education • Grief and loss support • Aging and Alzheimer's support

Welcome to On Bright Wings!

On Bright Wings is an innovative, creative, and sacred death midwifery service for end-of-life guidance, education, and support. We offer private in-home, in-facility, and office consultations, guidance, and support; as well as workshops in living fully, dying consciously, and grief & loss support.

All services are available for


On Bright Wings offers workshops and groups, as well as private sessions in the office or in the home to meet your specific needs; using both traditional and creative therapy techniques to achieve peace, comfort, and healing acceptance in preparation for life's last great rite of passage. Call for further details.



On Bright Wings is available for inservices and staff trainings on aging and end-of-life issues for doctors' office staff, hospice workers, skilled nursing home staff, and assisted living facility staff. On Bright Wings also contracts with these facilities for group sessions with patients and residents focusing on education, emotional expression, and skills training. Call for further details.



Aging and end-of-life affects everyone. On Bright Wings offers support and guidance for the family and loved ones through educational sessions, grief and emotional support, and creative therapy methods. Call for further details.



"Death Midwifery is a community centered response that recognizes death as a natural, accepted, and honored part of life...A Death Midwife is someone who offers support for end stage dying and transition...The art of Death Midwifery is the willingness to be physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually present to all aspects of dying and grieving. A Death Midwife is called to model a mature understanding of death and empower and inspire communities to reclaim deathcare by participating in it."--Cassandra Yonder (BEyond Yonder Death Midwifery)